Environmental Awareness Program


In conjunction with the other programs Mahaseer Conservancy hold lessons and workshops in the school in Ringora and nearby villages. The topics covered include threats to wildlife, flora and fauna of the region, the importance of natural resources and sustainable living. These topics are presented in a simple and child friendly-way using aides such as native potted plants and other wildlife and related artifacts and our own specially produced textbook.


Pens, paper and other material is also distributed. Additionally information boards promoting wildlife conservation are to be placed in four villages.

Habitat Restoration and Afforestation Scheme


Before the construction of Riverine Woods the river valley floodplain was extensively populated by the invasive foreign bush species Lantana camara. This species is unpalatable to most endemic herbivores, and out-competes native species and acidifying the soil. We have cleared a sizeable area and replaced with native grasses, bushes and trees to restore this habitat.


Removal of the exotic, invasive bush Lantana camara and planting of native grass, shrub and tree species has been continuously undergoing since 2006 in the Ramganga valley and is planned for the area around Ringora village.

Lantana Furniture Project with ATREE

It is vital to find methods of income for poor rural people, making furnishings of Lantana is one such way.

In addition to this we have finalised plans with the conservation non-governmental organisation ATREE. They have pioneered a program whereby local people can be given workshops to give them the training and know-how to be able to extract Lantana, which anyone can legally do from anywhere free-of-charge, and turn it into marketable furniture and toys.


ATREE will send their training staff to our area, and as we know the area and the places where the program can be most effectively implemented we can then co-ordinate the program over a long timespan.

This is an exciting program as it ties in very well with some of our other community-development programs.


Snake Relocation

A King Cobra under a Corbett villagers bed, removed safely without injury to snake or man.

Snakes naturally generate a primeval fear in people, and unfortunately this manifests itself as a tendency in local people to kill any snake on sight, with rocks, sticks and knives. There is no snake in the world which actively seeks to attack people, however every year especially during monsoon around about 15-20 people in our locality receive potentially fatal venomous snake bites.


In order to minimise the harm done to both human and snake in the area we run a program whereby, enlisting the help of local snake-catchers, the snakes can be safely caught and released away from human habitation.

Childs eye view of their world