As well as staying at our home-stays or Vanghat Riverine Woods there are a number of other ways you can support us and goals of conservation and community-development.

Download Our Lantana Catalogue
We are in the process of putting together a catalogue of furniture and products available for sale made by rural villagers from the invasive bush lantana. Buying one of these products will contribute to conservation three ways; it will help benefit an impoverished rural community and provide employment, it will help restore the habitat by removing this aggressive and environmentally destructive bush and help reduce the environmental and social impacts of forest firewood collection. Also you will get a beautiful and eco-friendly piece of furniture! Please check back soon for the finished catalogue but for now visit
Download and Distribute Our Posters and Info

Our poster and other information on these important environmental issues are available for download. Download and email to friends, or maybe print and put up somewhere you think it might be useful, however please think carefully if it is worthwhile before printing, we wouldn’t want it to be an unnecessary waste of paper.

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  We don’t rely on donations to sustain us, our ethos being that our organisation, like our programs must be long-term, independent and self-sufficient. That said we obviously still welcome donations, both large and small.


In return for private donations we promise you will receive;

  A personal thank you letter and photo to display at your home or office,
  A report detailing which specific part of our programs your donation went towards,
  Your name included on any appropriate signs or publications produced thereafter.


For any donations from companies or organisation we will put together a tailor-made donation package so you will see exactly where the donation was spent, and will receive publicity on this website, on public info boards and publications corresponding to the donation amount.