We are able through our partners and friends in the area to provide people with shorter-stay itineraries in the Home-stay and Eco-Tourism sectors around Corbett and beyond.



Home-stays are highly recommended as they offer a genuine, rewarding and inexpensive unique travel experience. Ringora Vulture Centre (depending on availability) can also accommodate those who wish to come purely on a short-stay basis as guests.


Uttarakhand still has many undeveloped places in the mountain areas, as yet unspoilt by commercial mass tourism, and home-stays in these areas are a sustainable and responsible way of seeing these unforgettable Himalayan cultures and landscapes.


Vanghat Riverine Woods

As an eco-lodge Vanghat Riverine Woods offers a true raw wilderness experience, and manages to combine a high level of ecological responsibility with first rate accommodation, food, and service. The lodge is an unparalleled place for people seeking an escape from city life, truly the only sounds one hears is the Ramganga burbling over the rapids, birds singing and the occasional alarm calls of Barking and Sambhar deer indicating the arrival of a Tiger or Leopard in the valley.


It is impossible not to fall in sync with the nature’s cycles and schedules, and returning back to human civilization is often a challenge!

For all guests who book through this website we will pass on 20% of the cost of the room package directly to our community-development programs.


Additional Excursions
A wide range of activities and excursions are available in our area and we are able to arrange;

  From 1/2 to 3 day elephant and jeep safaris in Corbett National Park,
  Nature or bird-watching walks and itineraries,
  Spectacular mountain trekking in the Himalayan range,
  Some of the worlds best freshwater sportfishing through the Mahseer Conservation scheme,


We will guarantee that all providers of these activities are of the same standards in terms of quality of service and environmental responsibility that is expected by people with a passion for conservation.


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