Your chance to be a part of the global village, in the heart of the Indian Jungle.


Volunteers are invited to come and live at Ringora Vulture Centre and work with our programs, whilst simultaneously supporting a rural village family.


Work done here will be accredited for study purposes and give excellent hands-on work experience in the fields of biology, conservation, environmental management, renewable energy and sustainable development.


Role of the Volunteer
You will get the chance to work on our projects, our team is small so you will be an integral and important part of the programs, and gain hands-on field experience. As well as taking part in the projects volunteers must help with the daily running and maintenance of the camp. Any volunteers who wish to conduct their own projects whilst staying with us our more than welcome to do so, and we will gladly donate as much time and help as our resources allow.


To come and volunteer with Mahseer Conservancy we only require that you can demonstrate that you;

1.   Have a strong passion for nature, care about the environment and wish to contribute your time to helping both wildlife and people co-exist,
2.   Are of average fitness (capable of field surveys in possibly hot and humid conditions), and
3.   Are prepared for basic living conditions in a remote and rural area,
4.   Are up for an authentic, challenging and demanding experience, and have a positive, flexible and enthusiastic approach to work.


The project cost for a single person is 22,000INR, which equates to about 11 euros per day, and for two or more people coming together 15,000INR which is roughly 8 euros per day.

(Includes all accommodation, all meals (B,L,D), ample drinking water and all field work transport/equipment, does not cover or other personal expenses or travel arrangements).


The minimum stay is for 1 month, but volunteers are welcome to stay longer if they wish.



Please forward us a current CV, photograph and covering letter explaining why you wish to volunteer with us.


Please also let us know the approximate dates you would like to come out. We always like to have an informal interview / chat with people at some stage so please feel free to contact us by phone.